El Gouna Motocross Competition 2021 Edition #4

El Gouna Motocross Competition 2021 Edition #4
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El Gouna Motocross Competition 2021 Edition #4

Dear Racers,

Motoclub Egypt would like to thank you for your upcoming participation in El Gouna Motocross Competition Edition #4. If you are a motocross rider, here is what you need to know in order to register for the event

Competition will take place from Friday 2nd to Saturday 3rd of April 2021, which will be in five categories of motocross, (Under 250 cc, 250 cc, 450 cc, Above 450 cc &ATV


1- Once you register it is a recognition of your full knowledge of the seriousness of the sport. And you are fully responsible for your personal safety, and you have access to the safety requirements of the sport Union, and you do not have the right to refer to the organizers, the host circuit, or any person or entity with any compensation.

2- You must print and sign your registration form, and submit it to the organizers, to download the registration form please click here


* On Thursday morning 1-4 the final registration and inspection of the motor is done until the rider is approved or rejected.

* All racers must have full gears (Helmet – Neck Brace – Chest – Elbow Guards – Knee Guards – Goggles – Gloves – Boots)

* Motors subscriber must be in good condition to be involved or rejected by the technical team.

* Once the rider number is given to the motor by the technical team, it means to accept it in the race.


The time is counted by the timing team and cameras that record all the details of the heat

The race is divided by program for two heats per category each heat 10 laps (12km) per day, the result of each heat is calculated, then the total time is calculated for the two heats and the minimum time without penalty will be the first place.



  1. Delay on the date of registration (2 minutes).
  2. Delay on the starting line (2 minutes).

3-Exposing yourself to danger (5 minutes).

  1. Exposure of the other to danger (10 minutes) or to be knocked out of race.
  2. objection with an Improper style (Knock out of competition)



-No stunt movements outside the track before & after the race.

-No fans existence on the track during the race

-Follow the rules & program

– Not to move, wander around with the motorcycle, or take it out of the track during the two days.

-Any racer can return to the cameras to verify his timing after paying 1,000 EGP refunded in case of arbitration error.

-Interceptions are permitted within 30 minutes of the heat. 

-In case the racer is under 21 years old, parents will sign the registration form.

-Advertisement for the teams is allowed on the motorcycle, on the gear and inside the tent only, no advertisement of any kind allowed in other than the designated places referred to.



  1. The online registration is closed at the latest by 20-3-2021 and an additional 500 pounds will be paid in case of delay in the registration date.

Subscription value:

  1. Subscription value per motorcycle racer 2,500 EGP
  2. Subscription value per ATV racer 2,500 EGP
  3. The value is increased by 500 pounds in case of registration after
  4. The value of the contribution is not recovered in any event
  5. The subscription is payable only through bank Account No. 100035144457 CIB and the racer keeps the payment receipt until the day of examination.



The value of the prizes for the winners reaches 50,000 EGP provided by Motoclub Egypt.

Accommodation Offer:

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*Terms & Conditions Applied*

To subscribe kindly fill the below form:

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